Through Irish Eyes visits TV Production Class

James MahonMr. James Mahon, Irish news journalist working at WDEF Channel 12, spoke with students in COMM 2020 TV Production about what it takes to make it in the news media. “I applied at 180 different stations and got 180 rejections,” said Mahon. He stressed the importance of having an online presence and of developing a unique persona in order to stand out from other job applicants. “You’ve got to be a little bit different….That’s OK to look or sound different.”

Other tips for media practitioners Mr. Mahon gave were to get started now creating content, to work on telling stories in simple language, and to try to be visually compelling. However, the most important message the speaker emphasized was on developing yourself. “You’ve got to be the best version of you!”

Hanging at Heritage

Chattanooga State’s PFTT 250 Film students will be crashing The Backlot. The Backlot is an event that takes place on the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm at The Heritage House. If you love film and filmmaking, come check it out!

The Backlot at Heritage House from chatt state films on Vimeo.

Regent, Tom Griscom, visits COMM 1010 Survey Mass Comm class

Tom Griscom speaking to studentsOn Monday, September 8, Tom Griscom, former editor of the Times Free Press and current regent for the Tennessee Board of Regents, visited with students in Chris Willis’ COMM 1010 Survey Mass Comm. Mr. Griscom shared his insights on storytelling, the transition to digital and social media, and the value added to a community by a local newspaper.

Mr. Griscom challenged students to think of creating new forms of communication from scratch, in the digital age, and what would be the key ingredients. “I’d still have a newspaper….it should invest in rich content,” said Griscom. He went on to emphasize increased market penetration via social media and using more video in place of photos.

These ideas further illustrate the need for digital media communicators with modern storytelling skills for the new media marketplace.

PFTT: Hands-on Filmmaking Courses at Chattanooga State

Professional Film and Television Training consists of a series of courses that have been offered at Chattanooga State Community College for several years. In it’s current form, there are 3 courses that should be taken in sequence beginning each Fall with PFTT 250 Introduction to Film and Television Technology.

It’s really more than just courses, as we develop cohorts of like-minded creatives who come together to make films. You will get hands-on instruction on state-of-the-art equipment provided by the college and you will be expected to contribute to the production process in a variety of production roles.

PFTT 250 – Introduction to Film and Television Technology – Fall 2014

This course to introduce students to the business and everyday working methods of professional film and television production with an emphasis on techniques used in field shooting for motion pictures, dramatic television shows, TV commercials and music videos. This course will be the first step in enabling students to acquire skills necessary for gainful employment in a professional film/video production setting.

These are credit courses that you must be registered to attend. For more information contact or visit our facebook page.

Alex Kuhne – digital artist

The capabilities that artists now have in the digital medium opens up a creative world where it’s hard to find something that is impossible to produce. This short reel features some of my creations using After Effects, illustrator, and Photoshop (some a combination of all 3). It is also set to a track that I produced a few months back. Hope you enjoy!

Takema J comm1030 work!

The Coolest project

The Coolest project

Seth alright!

Seth alright!

One of my first Projects in illustrator!

While in Intro to Electronic Media We made movie posters. I decided to make one for a short I made.

First Time working in Premiere!

This was a project from my Intro To electronic Media course at Chatt State. We had to make a slide show with transitions. The song I picked was from a local band called “Scenic” the song is “My Boy’s On TV” Mills Slide Show

Halo, Video Game Review by Kaitlyn Martin

The game series Halo which was created by Bungie and is now owned by Microsoft has accumulated millions of fans and revenue worldwide. The first game of the series that marked the epic journey of a military-based group of soldiers, known as Spartans, against the relentless and unpredictable aliens, the Covenant, was released in late 2001. The four main chapters of the trilogy are Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. This first game set the benchmark for Bungie to continue the epic journey of their main character Master Chief throughout four main parts to the series, as well as several spin-off games, books, comics, and a film. Continue reading

Coin Drop, Video Game Review by Sharika Peterson

Coin-Drop-SliderAt its core, this is one of those arcade games where you stick in a quarter, and the quarter falls, hitting pegs along the way. You try to get it in a specific hole at the bottom. With cutesy graphics and nearly too-much-to-bare girly sound effects, this game’s is just too cute!

The whole objective of the game is to bounce your way through 75 levels, rescue the girl coins, demolish obstacles and solve puzzles as every touch of your screen sends coins raining down on bad coins.

Coin Drop features include cool moves like drop, spin, smash, bounce and demolish. You can shake your device for an even cooler experience of demolition. Puzzles, Portals, Lasers, Magnets, Stars, Pins and a catchy audio soundtrack. Continue reading


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