Tycho “Awake”, Album Review by Alexander Kuhne


Tycho is the name of Scott Hansen’s ambient electronic music project. He is also well-known in the graphic design world under the name ISO50. “Awake” is his fourth album to date, and is marked with several changes to his sound since his previous works. Most notably, he replaced the drum machine with a live drum kit, and added more guitar work in the mix. This was the logical move in the progression of his sound and has worked to make “Awake” his most accessible album. Continue reading

Aloe Blacc “Lift Your Spirit” Album Review by Sophia Efiom


Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III also known as Aloe Blacc released his third album “Lift Your Spirit” October of 2013. The albums genre of music is Soul, R&B, Pop. A few of the songs also have an old school sound to it; like from the 70′s. In this album he definitely showcases his range of vocal talent, including very high notes. He has a really unique, powerful,and soulful voice. Continue reading

Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”, Album Review by Alexander Vaughn


Pink Floyd’s 1975 album, “Wish You Were Here” has a genre of Classic, progressive and psychedelic rock. All of Pink Floyd’s albums have similarities and differences. With Floyd, you know you will get your classic guitar solos with David Gilmour shredding, and the spread out time lapses of the band just jamming.

There are only five songs on this album. There is not a bad song on the album, which is hard to come by now days. In my opinion “Wish You Were Here” is by far the most popular on the album but “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” or “Welcome To The Machine” are my personal favorites. Continue reading

Filmmaker’s Fantasy Camp

Professional Film and Television Training logoProfessional Film and Television Training is a series of courses that have been offered at Chattanooga State Community College for several years. In it’s current form, there are 3 courses that should be taken in sequence beginning each Fall with PFTT 250 Introduction to Film and Television Technology.

However, during the Summer of 2014 we’re making a special push to deliver a filmmaker’s fantasy summer camp and are accepting students directly into PFTT 270 Filmmaking. The course meets Tuesday nights at 5:30 beginning June 3 and will also have scheduled weekend productions later in the Summer.

PFTT 270 - Filmmaking – Summer

Introduction to basic production work-flow for low-budget, independent film productions. This will be achieved partially through lecture and readings, through critiquing the work of other filmmakers, and through hands-on production of a short, budgeted film.

These are credit courses that you must be registered to attend. For more information contact chris.willis@chattanoogastate.edu or visit our facebook page.


V for Vendetta, Movie Review by John Hicks

“Remember remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot, I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

From the Wachowski Brothers, creators of the matrix films, comes V for Vendetta, an action film based off the graphic novel with the same name. Starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, Vendetta is set in a not too distant future Britain and is an action packed non-stop thrill ride that will keep your mind thinking and you at the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Continue reading

School of Rock, Movie Review by Taylor Templin

Jack Black is known for his courageous humor and his goofy lack of embarrassment on camera. In the film “School of Rock” you can expect nothing less. This musical comedy begins with a hardcore rock band trying to make it big through the battle of the bands. After some over the top guitar solos and some painful stage dives Jack Black character Dewey Finn gets the boot from his band. You would be surprised what action Dewey takes next to earn money for rent.

Continue reading

The Alchemist , Book Review by Robert Lawson

There is a universal truth that is not always accepted, but it is a truth nonetheless.  Love is the highest truth.  Love is the ta12guiding force behind all that is good and just in the world.  This truth is illustrated no more powerfully than in the author Paulo Coelho’s novels.  The over-arching theme in every storyline is that love is the single most powerful force in the universe and the only force that can truly make a lasting, permanent impact on the world.  He also teaches us that one must find their own path.  We must take a journey to find where it is we belong, our niche. The abundance of imagery, the oh so relatable characters in each story and his beautiful words all combine to weave a truly immaculate, life-altering, revelatory tale that leaves one inspired and wishing to make an impact on the universe.  This has been my personal experience after reading his novels, at least.

Continue reading

The Wild World, Game Review By Ciara Black


Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second game in the Animal Crossing series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Hisashi Nogami, Takashi Tezuka, and Katsuya Eguchi. Wild World was released in North America on December 5, 2005 and it is designed for the Nintendo DS and can be played single player or multiplayer. In Animal Crossing your character lives in a town with many neighbors, stores, and tasks to accomplish. There are no levels in this game, but you can upgrade your house up to seven times by paying of the mortgage each time. You can also sell pretty much anything like fish, insects, furniture, fruit, and clothing to get money. You also have to be nice to your neighbors or they will move away. It is like a real life town, you interact with other characters, make money, and keep your town and house clean.

Continue reading

Blow, Movie Review by Cullen Smiddie


Set throughout late 1950’s and all throughout until the end of the 80’s, Blow is the story of infamous drug trafficker George Jung. An action-drama based on a true set of events and a book written by Bruce Porter, it stars Johnny Depp as Geroge Jung, an infamous drug trafficker who started out selling marijuana on the west coast and ended up moving cocaine from Colombia for Pablo Escobar. It also stars Ray Liotta as George’s father, Fred, Rachel Griffiths as Ermine Jung, George’s mother and Penelope Cruz as George’s wife Mirtha.

Continue reading

300: Rise of an Empire, Movie Review By David Pitchford

300 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Watch This Feature

Directed by Zach Snyder of Watchmen and Man of Steel infamy, 300: Rise of an Empire, the long-awaited sequel to 300, based off of the graphic novel by Frank Miller, premiered on March 7, 2014. Many movie-goers packed the local Carmike cinema on Gunbarrel in order to enjoy the mindless gore-fest. The only problem with doing that was the fact the film was not enjoyable at all. To put it simply I found Rise to be trite, tactless, but not tasteless (bile is a taste). But to be more specific it had: weak characterization (of the protagonists), a slow plot, and cheaply overdone CGI effects. But worst of all it failed to include what made its predecessor a masterpiece; it completely lacked all the comically delicious homoerotic subtext of the first film. Continue reading


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