What You Are Doing To Help? By Samantha Doss

 With everyone wondering what they can do to lend a helping hand to Haiti, some great people of Chattanooga came together on Thursday the 21st at River House off of Frazier Avenue to show their support for the cause. The benefit show was to help raise money for the American Red Cross International Relief Fund. This wonderfully done show was put together by: Dave Castaneda, Sasha Hasanbegovic, Stacy Richardson, and Katie Wells. The show not only brought around 200 people together and raised close to 1,000 dollars for the aid. But all while giving the enjoyment of music by Side Step, Axis 1, DJK7, Milele Roots, and live painting by Strat Parrott.

 You can check out pictures from the show at Robot Parker Photography. And do not worry Chattanooga there will be plenty of more opportunities to lend your hand to the cause. If you enjoyed or missed Milele Roots on Thursday you can catch them at Loose Cannon on February 5th. Come out to support and help in the efforts of Chattanooga with Help Haiti. You can find out about this and future events at Milele Roots.


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