Eat Chattanooga, by Marc Alcantara

<div xmlns:cc="" about=""><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=People need to eat. That’s a Fact. You’re hungry and so is your significant other. So, Where to eat? Sure there are plenty of places around town that are very well known. We know their commercials. We know their entire menu– because they blast in front of our faces anytime we turn on the television or get on the computer. But does that make them the best? What is your money really going to? How can my dollar help more than just my belly? Simple. Eat local.

Anywhere you drive, there are plenty of delicious restaurants that can fit your favor and budget. Plus, your money goes to someone who cares about Chattanooga and the further development of this scenic city. Vegetarian? Try Sluggo’s on Cherokee Boulevard. Their menu is completely vegan, and they have a nice selection of beer to go with your food. Want some down home southern food? There is no better place than the Southern Star. Their daily specials are always a great choice–and top that off with some of the best sweet tea I’ve ever had! Suppose you are craving a finer, more Mediterranean flavor. Then you need to make a stop by Chattanooga’s beautiful art district, and have a dinner at Tony’s Pasta Shop. Check out their killer wine selection, and try some locally baked bread while you’re there. I could go on for days and days about local eateries, but half of the fun is finding them yourself. Find a place and become a regular. Be a local. Eat Chattanooga.


2 responses to “Eat Chattanooga, by Marc Alcantara

  • socialmediastudent

    I love to eat out, fine dining is my thing to do.. I enjoy the experience of finding a new cool restaurant especially local ones.

  • SLD

    My favorite restaurants are always the local ones. And from my experience local places seem to be the ones who have their hart in the work they do. They are there everyday doing all they can to make it. I think it is awesome that you are showing support for them.

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