A Product Of Our Own Distraction, by jOsH sLeDgE.

As I was thinking about what to write about in my Internet blog based on social media I decided that I would write about Internet blogging and how we have now “over internet opinionated ” ourselves. As I just typed in Internet blogging in the Google search bar it comes back with almost 36,900,000 hits! I think that we have devalued our blogs as far as food critics, job hunting, music reviews and etc. Personally I think that the only thing that still holds weight are local blogging because people most times care about what is effecting them.

As I sit in my social media class, where Internet blogging has now became homework and we learn to interact through media. I just believe we have a lot of media based people who love to write (such as myself), but internet blogging has been so mass produced now that I feel like our odds as being seen as a “great writer” are lower and the talk of news paper being replaced with online news, has made it even more difficult on us. So does that take EVEN MORE away from writers or online writers?

In closing I think when you work, live, eat, and breath media, your dream is to be heard or seen, and when you have so many different writers about SO many different things you go from a yell of an idea to a whisper in room of other whispers.


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