America’s next dumb a*#

Do you remember those younger days in school, when kids did the oddest things for attention. There were kids who ate worms or even the old gum under a desk. I remember my first day of class in the 3rd grade, we had a girl wh

o would pull up her skirt just to get a reaction from the guys. These type of kids had there 15 minutes and then they faded out and all the attention went to the next crazy wild kid that would do something even more wild or disgusting. Now those kids are grown and looking for their next 15 minutes.

In media today people can get 15 minutes( to shin or just act a damn fool with just a snap of a finger. It seems as though anyone can be famous for anything. It seemed to hit really big around 2005, when we saw just about anybody on T.V.  One of the oddest and best example is the one and only Flavor Flav. He’s had his 15 minutes 6 times all ready, and he might have a 7th. But we can learn something from him, he and other like Paris, and William hung got the memo early. Eve

n we think he’s crazy and some of us even look down on him, he’s rich off of our reactions. We all may have different views about him and the way he acts, we all have gave him some kinda of attention and that has put thousands of dollars in his pocket.

Although its easy to get 15 minutes, its just as easy to throw it away. Some people lose theirs because they keep the same act, and it gets boring, or people ruin their image and people view them differently. Paris is trying to keep her lime light but its fading and fading quick. K-fed lost his lime light, but he’s trying to find a new bulb to turn his light back on. A good way to do that is to go on reality show after reality show. Some people go on talk shows and talk about a new book. Or some go on dumb reality shows to show off and act like their the same kid who ate worms again.

So who will be the next gross kid from class to make it? The pants on the ground star seems to be making a come up, but he hasn’t made any money. Right now he attempting to sue Brett Favar for singing the song after a game. He should take a tip from others who have been in his shoes. Go on a show and make out with a 60 year old woman, date a famous actress, get into a fight with someone whose even more famous than you. Whatever you do make sure the camera gets your good side, because the last thing you won’t to do is look crazy on T.V.


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