Ignorance is bliss?!?

By: Morgan “Mo” Weske

Missing puzzle piece? Want to KNOW?Ignorance is to foolish as knowledge is to wise. Unless the knowledge appears to be harmful/negative than surely steer away, but also knowing what is harmful can be fruitful medicine applied to come. The absence of knowledge is just settling and never accessing the capability of reaching a higher level. A level in any area of your life. An area of exploration and understanding is what we can have access to. However, deciding to never go forward only prohibits yourself from wisdom. The only reason someone would choose to be ignorant towards something is because they are fearful of accountability. Let me tell you, the path to wisdom occurs of failures and success. Our failures on the outside only build us up successfully on the inside. When you fail, fail, and continue to be rejected you learn something, everyone does. Though some people might learn and move on, others might have to fail again. When you find yourself always rejected don’t faint, but if you find yourself always accepted means you’re a mere conformist. So, accountability does play role in having knowledge, knowing how to apply it. Most importantly, meditating upon that knowledge gives us that full reassurance and discernment that we have confidence in what we speak or act upon. That leads to the accountability, if you know something and are definitely confident in it you should act upon it. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and uneasy to do so, but you might have access to something that nobody else does. Take advantage of what you might know, than what others can not comprehend. For example, a student goes to school for knowledge, right? A student couldn’t get a job in nursing if he/she did not know a thing about Biology. Also, you have a GPS for instance, you can choose to read it and get to your destination (even though there is a chance you might get lost) or choose to stay where you are and never reach a further destination. Would you like to know the truth or rely on your own understanding? Sometimes the truth hurts, but the growing pains make us stronger! So, next time you say ignorance is bliss, re-think it. Finding out the truth can contain so many blessings that our own human mind could ever grasp on its own.


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