Please Brett Favre? Please Retire? -by Jonathan Hall

Brett Favre done?

Brett Favre

As I watched the AFC Championship last night, all I could think of was how epic a battle it would be seeing Brett Favre finally getting where he came out of retirement twice to be. After the NFC Championship, all I could think of was how Brett Favre needed to quit trying.
Favre’s Minnesota Vikings lost last night to the New Orleans Saints last night 31-28 in overtime at the Louisiana Superdome, sending the Saints to Super Bowl XLI and ending the Vikings season. While Bourbon Street was celebrating all throughout the night, Brett Favre was probably kicking himself for what could possibly be the last throw the 40-year-old arm cannon could make in his 19-year NFL career.
Under a minute to go with the score tied, Favre seemingly had to hand the ball off one more time to Pro Bowl Running Back Adrian Peterson, but the Vikings got called for a penalty with having to many players in the huddle, pushing them out of field goal range for their kicker Ryan Longwell. Now, nineteen seconds to go, Favre had to throw it to get them back into range to win the game. The all-time touchdown and interception king of the NFL throw one of the latter, with Saints defensive back Tracy Porter coming up and making the pick and running it back to about midfield. Longwell never got to take a shot at winning the game, and the Vikings offense never touched the ball in overtime, with Saints kicker Garrett Brantley nailing the 40-yard field goal to sent new Orleans to their first ever Super Bowl.
Karma? Flashback to 2007, where Favre threw an interception as his last ever pass attempt in his historic career with the Green Bay Packers, setting up a Field Goal in overtime to send the New York Giants to the Super Bowl. Two years, two retirements, and two retirement cancellations later, I detect irony.

I will say this however: You can easily argue that this was Brett Favre’s greatest season, thanks in part to having so many weapons on offense such as Peterson, tight end Visante Shiancoe, receivers Sydney Rice and Bernard Berrian, and 2009 offensive Rookie of the Year Percy Harvin. Favre still always looked like he was still a 17 year old kid when he takes the field.
But he isn’t a 17 year old kid anymore. As aforementioned, he just turned 40, and he’s only going to get older. He got knocked to the ground almost 20 times last night, one of which he had to limp off the field following another interception.
Another reason why he should call it quits is what else has he to prove? He will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame the second he’s eligible. He holds ever major Passing record in the book (last night he became the all-time leader in postseason completions, just adding onto the list). Oh yea, and one Super Bowl ring. He came so close this year to getting back there, but honestly will that happen again? He is going to lose it at some point.

Here’s my prediction for the coming offseason. Give it a week or so after the Super Bowl, and Brett Favre will hold a press conference announcing his retirement, for the third time. Maybe a few weeks later, people will ask him about coming back, and he’ll say no, this time it’s for good. Then right about after training camps end fpr all NFL teams, ESPN is dedicating all the morning hours to telling of how the ageless wonder Brett Favre has decided to give it one more go-round with a brand new team. Call me crazy, but it seems I’ve seen this story play out once or twice before.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he will sit it out, or maybe if he comes back, he will finally make it back to a Super Bowl. Nobody can predict the future. But one thing you can predict. You won’t get younger. Hey Brett, do us all a favor, just end your career, and mean it this time.


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