Social Media and Marketing

By: John Disterdick

Having been raised with typewriters and carbon paper and my first cell phone weighing about 40 pounds mounted in a pack that was carried with a large strap around my neck I feel as though I have been thrown into a maze with the technology advances that have streaked into and now dominates my life. At first I was exempt from much of the technology because I had workers that handled all the technology and computer issues and my focus was marketing. Since the closure of my lifelong business I was thrown into the technology arena and since I no longer had the staff I have been thrust into learning the computer and film technologies that were handled by others. In one sense it is an exciting journey but on the other, rather large hand, it is extremely frustrating.
It is my belief that the social networking concept will dominate much of the future marketing for numerous business entities. I can envision businesses hiring individuals into the social networking department or handle it like some do their IT departments by contracting this aspect of their business to those who specialize in social network marketing.
I have not been able to visualize how this will ultimately look but my guess is that by the time this class ends I will have a much clearer vision as to how this new business strategy might play out for issues I am interested in.


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