You may be tired of twilight mania, but where would readers be without it? by Morgan Smith

Where would we be without the twilight craze that has so obviously dominated our social medias? Since the success of Stephanie Meyer’s first Twilight book turned movie, twilight has consumed our media outlets. Every time you get on the internet you most likely see at least one twilight related ad.

Twilight opened the doors for a craze that has vampire loving fans itching to sink their teeth into new books in the genre. Luckily for them Twilight wasn’t the first book to contain irresistible vampires and star-crossed love stories and thanks to those fans it definitely won’t be the last. Now there are dozens of great books that leave you just as mesmerized; including the Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith. Even though the first book was written and released before twilight’s success it may not have turned into a TV show without the craze.

Twilight has not only opened the door for other vampire related fiction, but all kinds of fairy and angel stories as well. It has also become such an enormous conversation topic that even networking sites like Facebook have added special twilight applications and advertisements. When I compare twilight to other books that have come to light since this phenomenon I find that some are even better than the twilight series. However, the fact remains that if twilight hadn’t had such devoted followers publishers would not be as eager to embrace such a flood of paranormal love stories. So whether you like twilight or not, the craze is not stuck on that series alone, but all of the books that allow you to run away with your imagination and escape the stresses of everyday life.

So if you’re someone looking for a good book to sink your teeth into make sure you check out some of these great books:

The Vampie Diaries by L.J. Smith, Fallen by Lauren Kate, Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, and Bloodline by Kate Cary.


One response to “You may be tired of twilight mania, but where would readers be without it? by Morgan Smith

  • socialmediastudent

    Yea Twilight took the lime light, but plenty of other films could of and should of (in my opinion) took their place. After the “vampire” theme goes out, maybe there’ll be a Godzilla theme again, or Frankenstein, or who knows what.. Just as long as there’s a love seen and a fight and something new/twisted!

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