Young @ Heart, By Ashley Lancaster

Young @ Heart

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What do you think of when you see an ad for an upcoming musical starring only people over the 65 or 70 years old? Church choir right? A bunch of boring songs that have nothing to do with the here and now.  Well, what if I were to tell you that I found this awesome group of older aged people who would rock your socks off and leave you with a huge smile on your face, wanting more when the performance was over? The group that I am referring to is Young @ Heart!

This amazing group of individuals travels all around the world singing to everyone from a big auditorium to people in a jail. Everywhere they go leaving everyone in the audience with big smiles on their faces and a totally different outlook on the older generations.

They have had people, over time, who are fighting cancer and just finishing up on their chemo treatments, to come and travel the world with their peers because they love music so much. These wonderful people have had people in their group die the morning of a performance and have had to go to their performance and do their best. Every one of them says the same thing after one of their Young @ heart performers pass way. They all say that the show must go on! You will hear them say that if they were them that had passed away they would want the performance to continue on schedule because otherwise all the work that they put into it would be a waste. They may not all have the best health but they are all full of life and young at heart! Here are a few links of different songs that the Young @ Heart have done. I hope that they lift you up and change the way you think about the older generation!

“I Want To Be Sedated”
“I Will Try To Fix You”


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