Youtube not Hulutube, by Kyle Krajesky

Youtube is a site that lets your broadcast yourself to whoever it reaches. Any one person with a camera can film themselves talking about something, or doing something, and upload it. Personally youtube is a wonderful site, and I spend more time on it than I deserve to. But there is something that is troubling me about Youtube recently. They planned on focusing more on network upload rather than user content. There are whole channels devoted to bringing you the entire series of “Facts of Life” right on your screen. They seem it less important to feature and promote videos that users make, videos that made them famous in the first place. I would not have known of Youtube had it not been for the Numa Numa Guy. Or even Chris Crocker’s cries for people to leave Brittany Spears alone. I bet you’ve seen the bulldog that can skateboard, right? He started on Youtube.

Videos like the one above make us laugh. Videos of people skateboarding and falling off make us laugh also. The Daft Punk hands amaze us. So why would Youtube pay less attention to the videos that make us smile, cry, and jump? Because networks are asking them to put their shows on the site. Because sister sites like Hulu and Fancast seem to be taking off. Both site offer you full episodes, and clips, of shows past and present.

We can see shows like this reran often on the network it premiered on, why should it be on Youtube? Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch television more than the average bear, but I don’t need clips of Yogi Bear everywhere!
The point I am trying to make is that Youtube needs to remember why it is so well known. Their is a whole community of people who upload onto this site. Youtube is about you and what you upload and want to watch. Lets not forget about it.


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