1080p on YouTube and Vimeo

So, one of the most difficult choices for shooter/editors right now is whether to shoot in HD or not. Typically you want to shoot in the highest quality you have available to you, then downgrade for final edit masters on tape or DVD or for export to the Web. But is it really worth the extra hassle of longer rendering times, 5 times larger files sizes, and possible aspect ratio difficulties. Often the answer is no, because the output format won’t be in HD after all.

However, YouTube for several months has been supporting full 1080p uploads and now Vimeo has joined in. For many low-budget filmmakers, these will be more likely final destinations for their product than Blu-ray, so it makes more sense to keep the HD workflow for these sites. But, in my experience, the HD playback, even after buffering, can be slow and choppy. Playback quality depends on your processing speed, RAM, and number of background processes, as well as bandwidth, but as we all know, each of these areas gets faster each year. Try pre-buffering the video below by clicking play, then immediately hit pause until it’s all loaded. Then see how your computer handles 1080p.

So, how did it work?

Also of interest at Vimeo is the fact that they’ve added AVCHD support and will recognize .MTS files from consumer HD cameras, so try uploading those the next time you connect up your JVC Everio camcorder.


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