My Social Drug by Tara Morris


In this process of educating myself on the endless communication tools of the internet it seems I have been “gotten again”. My original idea of shallowness in  “status updates” and “tweets” has been changed by the drug of social networking.

I have a confession.

My name is Tara and I am an addict.

An addict of Social Networking.

This technology used by so many to inform mass audiences of bathroom breaks and negative feelings towards “Grammy winners” is alarming. I remember a time of the past where one could ignore boastful one upper personalities without clicking a button, but now we can even “delete” them from our lives.

On the other hand we now have an ability to find people with similar interests, inform the world and our backyard of events, and unite in numbers that could never be imagined before. In what other world does a top ten of most fans include Micheal Jackson, Mafia Wars, Vin Deisel, and I Love to Sleep?

Insanity right? Wrong. Not insanity but a Reality.

A reality of the world we live in and couldn’t imagine living without. So as I travel this road of social media feel free to share any knowledge you have. Link me, Tweet me, Tube me, and FaceySpace me. Shoot me up with information like a good drugdealer would!

Sometimes we change lives and Sometimes we Tweet.


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