The Avett Brothers’ I, and Love, and You by Mitch Templeton

The Avett Brothers’ latest full length album, “I, & Love, & You”, was one of the best albums of 2009. The Avett Brothers have found a perfect blend of bluegrass guitar and banjo with beautiful piano and profound lyrics. They have written about such themes as love & marriage (“I & Love & You, “January Wedding”), doubt & heartache (“Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise), materialism (“Ill With Want”), dreams (“Head Full of Doubt”), and friends & family (“The Perfect Space”). Also, they manage to relate those topics to a wide audience without sounding cliché. Their lyrics cover a wide spectrum of human emotion.

This album is a significant contrast from much of their previous work. The album has less banjo and more piano and cello. Even though there is not much percussion on the record, the Avetts have managed to mix in some of the upbeat energy that many Avett fans have come to expect. The use of the banjo that was prevalent on their previous albums is not as overwhelming but is still used on certain tracks.  The Avett Brothers are continuing to evolve as a band, yet they have not forgotten their roots.

Overall, the album is the Avetts’ best work yet, and they are one of the most talented and unique touring bands today.


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