List to consider as you embark on a fitness program – by John Disterdick

There are many sources that tell you how easy it is to obtain and maintain fitness – don’t believe it

1.  You need to create a mindset that you will be discouraged and frustrated by the process, expect it so it won’t come as a discouragement and reason to quite.

2.  Create or find a form that allows you to record what exercise you perform each day and set your mind to write “something” a certain number of days per week.

3.  Generate a habit of putting something on this form even if it’s very minimal, like walking around the block

4.  Accept the fact that you will often “feel” like giving up but remember if you put “something” on your form for the day, you are successful.

5.  You will find that even though you planned on doing something very minimal, the fact that you started often will encourage you to do more.  Maybe you decide you’ll just walk around the block but once you get started you end up running a mile or more.

6.  Set goals out a long way and work for it.  Maybe its a 5K in the summer or the Sports Barn Triathlon and set a schedule for your training to meet this goal

7.  Get others on your “team” to commit to this endeavor or to participate in the event with you.

8.  Decide what you want to get involved with an check out the opportunities to join some groups.  In cycling it could be the Chattanooga cycling club or masters swimming at McCallie etc.

9.  Reward yourself for certain achievments.  Maybe it’s a desert or buy yourself some new shorts

10.  Create a mindset that as you put in this effort you will add years to your life expectancy and increase the quality of life now, like being able to do things with your kids.

As you can see it’s a “mind” game as much as physical exertion.


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