Men Rejoice! Five V-Day gifts for the ladies! By: Marc Alcantara

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Oh no! The dreaded invented holiday is coming! You have to make it special, or you’re a bad boyfriend! How much do you spend? What if she spends more? Should you make her something? How are you going to not be a complete mush?
It’s stressful, I know, but don’t worry. Whether you’re casually dating, been dating for a long time, strapped for cash, or going low key this year, these five ideas will have your back through and through.

1. So, your lady has a rough job, and she always comes home tired, and aggravated. She dreads going to work the next day, and can never relax. How about getting her some alone time dedicated to her beauty? A simple gift basket with everything needed to take a perfect bath is a great option. Include various scrubs and washes, and top it off with a robe. Bad day at work? Have a nice candlelit bath to soothe away all that tension. Perfect.

2. Don’t have the money for a fancy dinner? Cook her one. A Nice meal would not cost you as much as going out, plus you get the effort award too. Buy her a bottle of her favorite wine, and just have a great meal. Simple and effective.

3. Suppose you’ve been dating for a while, and you feel she needs something to remember you at all times. Just find some photos of you two, and make her a photo collage. With this gift, she can hang it in her room, and always see the happy times you have had together. She’ll never forget why she loves you. Getting mushy, but not too bad.

4. All women pine over the sensitive love-struck song bird. Write her a song, or learn her favorite. If you can’t play music, that makes it even more impressive. If you write her songs all the time, try a new outlet, such as a different instrument, or a poem of sorts. Write her a line or two in there so she can participate. With that, you now have a project together.

5. Cliché is boring. Classic is beautiful. Go super simple with roses, chocolate, and maybe a teddy bear. Just try to make it so boring. Find something she loves about you, and use that to put your own personal spin on something that would otherwise be not exciting. That one is up to you.

With this arsenal at your fingertips, you’ll never have to go another Valentine’s Day unprepared. The only important thing to remember is it’s not about the gift. It’s all about the thought. And all you should be thinking about is her.


2 responses to “Men Rejoice! Five V-Day gifts for the ladies! By: Marc Alcantara

  • socialmediastudent

    I have to say this is well done. Not only can guys actually learn what to do for Valentine’s Day but you have it pretty much set up as a one stop shop. All they really have to do is pick one or more of the 5 gift ideas and they are sent strait to a link that will let them get the gifts or recipes right then and there. Good job man. Although in a way I see this as cheating for you boys, you can’t even think up your own gift ideas. =)

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