Richard Winham speaks to Broadcast Announcing Class

On Thursday, February 4th, radio announcer and producer for WUTC, Richard Winham, spoke to students in Chattanooga State’s Media Technologies program. Having clearly done some serious thinking about WAWL, Chattanooga State’s online radio station, Richard spoke about the special situation our students have. Not being a commercial station with dictated playlists and advertising demands, and not being a public radio station with constant requests for donations, allows WAWL to focus on what most announcers would love to focus on: the music. Pointing out notable online radio stations around the country such as KEXP in Seattle or even WDVX in Knoxville, Mr. Winham challenged students to find what we have locally that the rest of the world will want to hear, then to work very hard to share that as much as we can.

Thank you Richard Winham for a great talk and new motivation to move our station forward!


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