The Top 5 Apps on my Dock,and how I use them, By Scott Daniels

5.Google Chrome– Cool new web browser from Google. Its super fast, and has a lot of cool features like incognito browsing, which doesn’t store cookies, cache, or password info. Great for checking email and social networking sites on public computers. Or for a 16 year old boy “using” the computer while mom and dad aren’t home.

4.Yahoo Instant Messenger– I love this app. Sometimes, I just gotta put my phone down. But now matter how hard I try, some people still feel the need for constant real time communication with me. (the honest truth. Im a baller on a budget. I have a pre-pay phone. Texting kills my phone account) So I use Yahoo IM to send and receive texts from most mobile phones. And its free (for me) and most carriers support it (Cricket and Sprint are the only 2 out of the loop I think) And when used computer to computer, you can send and receive messages as well as documents and files.

3.Tweetdeck– I’ve posted on this app before. For the sake of sounding redundant, tweetdeck basically combines all your feeds from facebook,myspace,and twitter and places them in columns for easy management. Read, reply, and retweet all from one app with out opening multiple browser windows.

2.Vuse– This app gives me things I can’t afford. Depending on how you look at it could be used for piracy. I like to look at it as a program that allows the financially challenged to acquire essential software necessary to their success. Need Final Cut Express, or Adobe products for the already expensive Mac you just bought,but don’t have thousands of dollars for the software? Wanna see Avatar, but don’t have $20 bucks to drop at the theatre? Wanna try the new Jonas Brothers album (do you really?) before you buy it (really?you’d buy that?) Vuse has got you covered. Argggghhhh matey.

And the number one app I use on my Dock…

Plex– A sweeeeeeet media center for Mac. Download, Install, grab your Apple Remote and sit back and watch a vast plethora of content. There are channels such as MTV and MTV 2, which pretty much takes me back to the old days some of you reading this may not remember, when MTV actually played music videos. Just about every popular video ever aired on MTV is available on Plex. Theres even a time line on this channel that runs from late 2009 all the way back to 1981. After you get off my lawn, and go home and download Plex, you can plug in all your favorite channels from, and enjoy a true to life Television experience from your Mac, all from the Apple remote. Play the movies you downloaded from Vuse, view pics, listen to music, all in one nifty media center.Highly recommend this download.


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