In media everyone wants to make a ever lasting mark. People always want to be remembered for something their good at, whether it be paintings, sports, acting, and now reality shows. No matter what anyone is good at, they want to always be in thoughts of those who follow after them. I’m like that myself, when its all said and done i want the world to remember me as the best there ever was at anything i do. For me to accomplish this goal there are 5 rules i must follow to reach my goal.

1. find something your good in: you can’t just go and jump into a field you no talent in and want to make a mark. Its cool if you like music, but if your tone deaf that mite not be the field you aim to make a mark in. A good is example is me, my friends and I have started our own production company, Six Inc., and we are very good at what we do, so where are already one rule in.

2. make sure you or/and your product is good: when making a mark you don’t want to have ass things, because it can come back and bite you. You should make sure that you have a quailty work that people would love to look at hear, or use. Anything just won’t do, only the best can make it.

3. Being willing to take risk: of course everyones not going to like what you may be offering, but that doesn’t mean you should stop. People take risk all the time to improve their product and what they have to offer all the time. They may not hit it big every time, but they took a well needed it risk to get questions answered about what you should do next time. A great example is any one in music. They take risk all they time, like Lady GaGa. She knows what she has to offer may not be for everyone, but she will keep improving and taking chances to please those who do like here, and try to change others minds.

4. sacrifice is the key: you must be willing to give your all if you want to be the top dog in your game. Athletes make more sacrifices than any one I know, they put their bodies on the line every game. It takes hard work to be the best, and if you don’t have it in you to do what it takes then you want have a mark left in the end.

Number 5 is short and to the point, Aim high.


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