Top 10 Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman, by Tiforne Thomas

10.  Is that your natural hair color?  A woman wants to be appreciated for her sense of style. Even though she knows her hair color is not naturally pink, asking her is like questioning her sense of style. Just compliment her if you like it or keep your mouth shut if you don’t.

9. You look like your mother? Even though we love our moms we don’t want to look like them. Were assuming you think we look old and motherly because we know our moms are at least twenty years older than ourselves.

8. Do you live alone?  If a woman has only known you for less than a week that screams potential “Stalker,” material. Play it safe and let her give out that information.

7. Can I ask you a personal question? No, its personal so don’t ask.

6. Let me guess your age? If you guess to old she will resent you and if you guess to young she’ll  know you’re just trying to be nice. Either way you’ll never get it right the first time so just don’t go there.

5. How much do you weigh? No woman will ever tell you the truth so don’t waste your time asking.

4. What’s your fantasy? It’s just tacky and kinda creepy.

3. How many boyfriends have you had in the past? Again, no woman will ever truly tell you the truth so don’t even ask. It’s none of your business anyway.

2. I’m broke, can I borrow some money? This is a sure way to never get spoken to again.

1. Are you pregnant? You should never assume a woman is pregnant unless she tells you. It’s a big possibility that she recently gained a few pounds and is desperately trying to lose weight. I promise she will never forget nor forgive you in this world or the next world to come.


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