Top Music Venues Downtown CHAttaboogie

by: Tara VEE

Here in CHAttanooga we only have about ten venues downtown (enter giggle of sarcasm here) as much as I love them all in some form or fashion I was forced to bring the number down to 5.

With that in mind and keeping to the downtown feel I must define venue not based on size but its consistent ability to provide music even if it only fits 20 people.

This list gives a little taste of each different style of music that I feel is important to CHAttaboogie.

We have many events during the year that bring amazing music to the Chattanooga Valley. Music series such as Nightfall, Summer Concert Series, 3 sisters Festival and the many charity events such as Brewers Festival are a valuable resource to our community.

When it comes to staple locations we must think of attendance, dynamic acts, and what I like to think of as “local love”. There are also a few new venues and even older ones that may not be in the downtown area but are definately worth mentioning.

As our youthful innovative expressions and perseverance push towards making CHAttanooga a well known “music city”,  I assure there will be many more venues in the future.

5. Ziggy’s Hideaway, 607 Cherokee Boulevard-Mostly underground and heavy hitting but not limited to,  Ziggy’s has given CHAttarockers a consistent Metal and Hard Rocking home.  Mostly including local and regional bands they have been known to pull head bangers such as former members of GWAR into the line up as well. And its a liquor store too. =)

4. Lindsay Street Hall, 901 Lindsay Street– Ken Crisp of Linsday Street Hall as well as his family have turned this church on Lindsay Street into a Bluegrass, Swing, Jazz, and Acoustic lovers dream. The building itself has a beauty that these styles of music cling to. Every Monday night Paul Lohorn’s 18 Piece Big Band plays and Thursday is set for local and live musicians.  For calmer CHAttanoogans this is the perfect place to take it easy and bring friends of anystyle.

3. Market Street Tavern, 850 Market Street- Market Street Tavern has a mix of all genres at any time of the week. With the introduction of Second Saturdays this spot has begun to gain even more popularity. I especially remember the thought that came to mind upon entering this event “Bringing together ties and tattoos!” Along with Second Saturdays you are garunteed to find incredible live acts every Friday and Saturday. Not to mention through the week matching drink specials and local favorites such as Old Time Players and Ben Friberg Trio.

2. Mudpie Restaurant, 12 Frazier Avenue- Mudpie is an Open Mic Mecca. Hosted by an amazing individual Shawnessey Cargile, with support of many others, this venue gives an oppurtunity every Saturday night for singer songwriters to show their stuff. The last Saturday of the month is the “Open Mic Challenge”, it is like Chattanooga’s own American Idol but Mudpie had guitars first.  Many people confuse Open Mic and Karaoke. Each have the good and the bad but Open Mic is held at a more professional level. True talent showcased weekly by people you may have never known and you would be amazed how talented a lot of them are. They have also branched out having music up to 3 other nights a week.

1. JJ’s Bohemia, 231 E. MLK Blvd./Rhythm&Brews, 221 Market Street

 OKAY. . .I cheated. I just couldn’t do it. Each of these venues bring amazing local, regional, and national acts. Each have amazing men who book the shows and amazing staff (and wives) behind them. Each support our community with a deep love and commitment for the music in it. They are each eclectic with their choice of music and have something for everyone almost every night of the week. From cover bands, superstars bands, and crazy bands we would have never thought we would enjoy so much, I want to personally thank Mike and John for consistently bringing music to our lives here in CHAttavegas. and

Rocking Mentions: The Warehouse, Tremont Tavern, Discoteca, 412 Market formerly known as Fathom, Loose Cannon, Barking Legs Theatre, & The Riverhouse


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