Chattanooga’s own Randell Adams, by Tarvie Gilbert.

Randell Adams is a local musician and founder of R.A. Dancing Blues Band. Adams hails from Ringold, GA and has been playing bass and acoustic guitar since around 1976. Adams expresses how growing up in church inspired him to play guitar. “There were always guys in the church band who would be playing and I would think… that’s what I want to do.” Aside from church bands, Adams musical inspiration came from artist such as B.B. King, Jimmie Hendrix and Muddy Waters.

Adams is also a “gun for hire”, playing for several different bands from time to time, some of which include The Mail Men, Skin Deep and Love, Peace and Happiness. His venues have included several of Tennessee’s regional festivals, along with performances at Chattanooga’s Riverbend and The Bessie Smith Strut.

Although Randell Adams does write original music, most of his performance selection are songs from other artist such as The Isley Bros., Earth, Wind & Fire and Johnny Guitar Watson. He picks his selections according to the venue, determining what songs would best suit the occasion. When asked what his favorite types of gigs are, Adams replies, “Parties. Parties because the people are there to just have a good time. The band is the tool that the people use in order to fulfill their good time, so the band feels a sense of accomplishment when we look out and see the people enjoying themselves.”

Randell Adams is a seasoned musician with a natural love for music and is extremely diverse in his shows. For booking information, you can contact R.A. Adams Dancing Blues Band @ (423)503-4684 or


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