Sevendust: Atlanta’s “Underground Band”, by Jesse Johnson.

Sevendust is a hard rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia that started their amazing career in 1992. They are known for their deep, strong vocals, incredible riffs and hard drums. They released their first, self-titled album Sevendust in 1997.
Their style is very unique and it gives them an individual sound compared to no other band I have ever heard. Their inspiration comes from other well-known hard rock groups such as Metallica and Disturbed. Yet, Sevendust is so much different at the same time. They couple Lajon’s deep vocals, screams, and the heavy riffs with great harmonic singing and a smooth sound. And these compliment each other almost perfectly, as if it came naturally.

“Broken Down” and “Denial” are two very good examples of this great sound. Sevendust also shows their acoustic side with their single “Angel’s Son” which was one of their more successful songs from the album Animosity that pays tribute to Lynn Straight of the band Snot. The song was also recorded in two versions both featuring members from Snot, and it has been considered one of the most inspirational rock songs ever produced.

Sevendust plans to hit it again with their new album Cold Day Memory set for release in 2010. Not much is known about it now but they once again bring back that awesome sound with their new single “Forever Dead.”


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  • sld

    It’s crazy to read about a band that is so old. But kind of cool to know they are still making music and exspicaly because I was into them years ago, I even knew of them when they where still an underground band. Nice blog.

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