Mary J. Blige Empowering Women

Mary J. Bilge was born in Bronx, NY. She is known as the R&B queen. Mary has a style and voice combination of R&B and rap but together. Mary was founded at a local mall where she song Anita Barker’s, Caught Up in the Rapture into a karaoke machine. Lucky her stepfather got her tape and sent it to Uptown Records CEO Andre Harrell. Harrell was impressed with Mary’s voice so he signed her. She song backup for acts such as Father MC. Later on, Sean “Puffy Combs”  took Mary under his label and begin working with her to her debut album What’s the 411. Most of her albums are inspired by her bad habits and bad influences in life experiences. Throughout her career her albums have matured in numerous ways, she has grown each day and has learned to love herself as well. She is a tremendous artist who encourages women to love their self first. Mary has launch ten albums including her latest album is Stronger with Each Tear.


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