kraftwerk, by Chris Hutchinson

The pioneers of electronic music and possibly some of the greatest influences on modern day music; kraftwerk is a 4 man band, with all electronic synth drum machines being operated by these 4. Out of Germany, kraftwerk was on the trend before it even had time to be a trend. Their amazing use of synth to create an atmosphere of awesome music has been utilized since the early 70’s. In 1977 trans-europe express was released, one of kraftwerks most famous album. ‘

The live show of kraftwerk has been ranked among rolling stones top 100 bands you must see live before you die; There is always something different to be expected in a kraftwerk concert, from the robots on the stage, to now; advanced animatronics and an intense laser light show. Many djs today take kraftwerk’s art and make it original, by remixing it. Kraftwerk is an experience most shouldn’t miss.


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