Reggie Bush and The Heisman Trophy By Erica Parks

I’m new to college sports and I asked some of my co-workers to help me figure this out and now I’m more confused.

Group 1 said he needs to give the Heisman trophy back because he did not earn it fairly. They said his grades were bad and he had received illegal benefits.

Group 2 said that the school and the NCAA let him play and he deserves to keep it. He went out there played the game and he earned it. 

I don’t know all the rules but why let 5 years go by before you decide to do something? I thought all the great college athletes got rewarded for their skills or has that been something that was supposed to be kept quiet? These kids go out here playing with their hearts out. Some getting hurt in the process.  Do they not deserve some kind of reward. The schools are making millions off of their hard work so should they not get to reap something? I know a lot of people are saying their giving them something by giving them educations but we know some teachers are passing them for the sake of school spirit.

Now I need to know if they take the Heisman away from him why aren’t they giving it to the runner-up Vince Young? Who has said that he wants it rather than leave the spot vacant. Had the school and NCAA had done their job wouldn’t he be the one with the trophy anyway? So why leave it blank for that year? Is the NCAA going to get a better grip on situations like this one? There are so many unanswered questions that we beginner college sports fans need answers to. Maybe we’ll get them one day.


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  • socialmediastudent

    Well, he finally gave it up. Do you think he gave it up before they had a chance to take it from him? :

    Jason Nunley

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