Spiritual Encounter or Drug Induced Psychosis? by Suzie King

Throughout history, priests, oracles, shaman, and prophets have used drugs to enlighten and enhance their religious experience.  Have you ever taken a psychedelic drug?  If you have, did you have a spiritual experience or see the world from a clear, selfless, more spiritual viewpoint. Many individuals report that drug use, including marijuana, salvia, LSD,  mushrooms, and peyote, actually brings them to a higher level of consciousness.  They report having revelations and insights into problems that otherwise, they could not solve.  Can we transcend our our mortal boundaries and enter the spirit world and converse with spirits in another realm?

The Oracle a Delphi , namely Pythias,  sought the advise of Apollo.  She foretold events as large as the outcome of great battles even wars, and as mundane as the planting and harvesting times for the local farmers.  Her influence was wide spread and yet scientists are now discovering that she was probably “high” on CO2 gases which may have induced her visions and insights into the future. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/93180/secret_of_the_

American Indians have used peyote cactus, a plant with mescaline as its primary compound, for thousands of years to make contact with the divine as a part of their religious rituals.  Cannabis or marijuana is widely used in India by Hindu Gurus.  Mushrooms are used widely in the Oaxaca region of Mexico by Amazon Indians, today, to talk to the spirit world.  This practice can be dated back to the Aztec Indians of the past.  Chinese followers of Buddha and Confucious have used opium  to reach divine levels of thought.   en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/religion_and_drugs.

In 2006, a carefully controlled study of the effects of psilocybin,  (the hallucinogenic ingredient in mushrooms) , and spiritual experiences was conducted by Roland Griffiths, of John Hopkins University School of Medicine.  The researchers found that 1/3 of the participants had a completely mystical experience after taking the psilocybin.  Of these, 1/2 described their encounter as  the single most significant experience in their lifetimes.  http://www.dhushara.com/paradox/sac/spiritual/spiritual.htm.

On a negative note, I understand from watching a National Geographic  program on methamphetamine, that addicts of this drug regularly see and interact with the devil and his minions in very terrifying ways.  National geographic : Drugs Inc. miniseries: Methamphetamine http://celebnews.com/video/watch-drugs-miniseriues.

On a personal level I have experienced a feeling of oneness, after using LSD.  I felt like I was outside my body, and part of the larger universe.  I could see the plight of the human experience,  I felt compassion for the human race as they tried  to make decisions about right and wrong.  I had no fear for the future, my being seemed to be wrapped in cosmic well being.  It has been many years ago, buy I will never forget it and I believe that It has affected my personality and life choices to this day.  I try to be compassionate to all people and I generally see people as travelers on the journey through this life with all the same feelings and obstacles that I have.  A close friend of mine told me that while doing mushrooms, he felt like he was being held up and protected by long dead native Americans.  He did not feel afraid of them, but more like he was a part of their family.
What do you think?  Is it true interaction with the spirit world or just drug induced psychosis.  Tell me what you think or what you have experienced.



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  • socialmediastudent

    Wow… I’m not sure where to start. Just be cautious when interacting with the spirit and taking drugs. I would suggest not to mix the two together. May not get the outcome you are looking for. :

    Jason Nunley

  • scott daniels

    Good read.

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