Obsolete by Suzie King

I am a story-teller.  I can make a boring story good and a good story great.  I am one who embellishes and a master of colorful language.  I want to describe how everything looks, how I feel inside, and how all things work together for amazing results.  To hell with the truth, I try to keep the listener in mind.
I have become obsolete in my own lifetime.  In the new technological age of social media, like MySpace, Facebook, and twitter, all communication has been reduced to a series of texts, tweets, and instant messages.  There are blogs for the real story tellers, a few paragraphs to ease my frustration.  I am also an adept conversationalist.  I enjoy debating controversial subjects and pontificating about ideas and solutions to the world’s problems.  However, I find that people who rely on  instant message communication, have also lost the skills that it takes to converse with the spoken language.  After typing their thoughts and feelings all day into short, concise, and factual blurbs, they find true conversation taxing or even terrifying.
Are we losing the art of deep communication?  Are our deep insights and feelings being packed away, or just ignored.  Are we becoming a society of isolated individuals who have lost the capacity to share their inner most hopes, dreams, and fears with others.  I am an excellent reader and communicator, but all anyone wants from me is “Just the facts ma’am”.  I am trying to keep up with technology.  I find all these social networks exhausting.  If I want to go out and have some fun, I find myself looking at pictures of men, with a paragraph attached, that THEY wrote about themselves.  I have not gone out much.  My children never call my phone, they just text me the need to know information.  I am fully capable of writing an interesting letter, but who would read it.  I take too long to convey my messages, therefore, I am rarely heard.
I have spent many years in college learning about things that nobody cares about and now I find myself back in school.  Now, I am trying to learn a technical skill, so that I can get a paper that says I am qualified to work on something.  It doesn’t matter what i work on, it can be electronics, cars, plumbing, even human bodies.  As long as I have a license to work on it,  I will have a job.  I just need to find a niche.
Maybe I am just a complainer.  Maybe I should just shut up and go with the flow.  I am a very thoughtful dinosaur.  A mentally astute sociologist with no one to ponder the world with.  I feel like a plethora of worthless knowledge.  Like Winston, in the book  1984 by George Orwell, I am learning Newspeak, but longing for another more colorful reality

2 responses to “Obsolete by Suzie King

  • cmwillis

    I really appreciate your thoughts on this. Nice entry!

  • socialmediastudent

    It is very sad to think but you make some very good points. Most people get so caught up in the fast pace life, they forget to stop and see what is important. Maybe we should take more time to see what is around, instead of letting it all pass us by. :

    Jason Nunley

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