Why You Should Go To College After High School! Erica Parks

Being out of school almost 20 years(yes I’m old) and coming back is not what i expected it to be. I thought I was going to come back here(chatt. state) and use my smarts from the late 80’s/90’s and whiz my way through this. Boy was I wrong. So now I just want to take the time and let all young people, in and fresh out of high schoool, know my top 5 reasons for going to college straight after high school.

5. Your Mind Is Fresh:Meaning that college is like going to grade 13. A lot of things you learned in the last 4 years are still embedded in your mind so adding on new things will not be too hard.

4. You Have Your Parents Support: Even if you do not live at home you still have your parents for financial support. They are going to make sure you have the important things you need so that you do not have to worry.

3. Times Have Changed: In the 80’s/90’s all you needed was pencil and paper(told you i was old). Now you need to know 2,000 internet terms just to write a paragraph. Everything is done on-line. It’s a horror story. What happened to pen and paper. So who knows how much it will change once you are out for a few years.

2. Frustration Makes Nerves Bad: Because times have changed, u may end pulling your hair out after the first week. Getting old you barley can remember what happened yesterday, so how are you going to remember all the new technology.

1. Money: Not money for school but for your new necessities, Valium, memory pills, wine,  and dye for your grey hair. When you are my age not only do you have school but more than likely you have children and a full time job on top of studying and homework, which is why you need money for your new necessities. Trust me. I’m living proof. 🙂 because if I knew then what I know now! I would have money for other things besides valium, nerve pills and hair dye!


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