My top 5 games by Trey McKinney

#5. God of War series. An awesome series for those of us who love ripping off someones arm and beating them to death with it. Also one of the first truly violent games that deserved its reputation for not being kid friendly. An adventure game where you play as a Spartan driven by revenge and maddness into waging a war against Ares the greek God of war.



#4. Kingdom Hearts 2. A truly great sequel to the origional Kingdom Hearts that surpassed the first in pretty much all aspects.  Disney created a great following with this game by combining other games and movies into a fun and enjoyable experience for people of all ages.




#3. Halo Series. I am a fan of first person shooters mostly because of these games. While the first and second were considered the best of the series I have enjoyed all of them. A game pitting players against an alien menace that is on a holy war to deystroy humanity. A fun fps that even the most novice player can get into.


#2. World Of Warcraft. One of my all time favorite games although at one time I didn’t care for the game at all, but i tried it and have been playing for over a year now. The biggest and baddest online game with over 12million people playing it is the biggest games in the world.




#1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This is the best fps I have ever played. A great story for player to engage in but he real selling point on this game is the online multiplayer. With different game play modes for everyone ranging from a free-for-all type game to a hardcore game that is the closest thing to actual combat around. This is the one game I can invite my friends to play and we can have big games that last 20 mins or so.


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