Do You Want to See Something Really, Really Scary! by Suzie King

                                                       “7 Scary Halloween Movies without the Blood Lust “
     Halloween is quite a festive time in the United States.  People spend a lot of time, money, and effort to scare themselves and others.  It is a time of celebration, outlandish costuming,  and all around good fun.  The Movie industry puts a lot of effort into producing  Halloween fare.  Whether you rent videos in a store, or you rent at a machine,  the selection of horror movies is overwhelming.  Looking for a horror movie that will  suit your whole family  may not be an easy task.  If you have younger children, even up to preteens, you might find that locating a suitable movie that will give the older kids that scare that they want, without exposing your younger children to mass murder can be a challenge.   Here is a list of 7 scary movies that will scare any age viewer without the usual blood bath, gore, or dismemberment, you find in a lot of horror movies   These are quality stories that will have a chill running down your spine, but they won’t make you feel concern for the images that you are watching with your family.
1)  Poltergeist – This story is about contact  and conflict between ghosts and humans.  I think that you will agree once you have seen it, that the spirits have the upper hand.  This family unknowingly walks into a situation that wasn’t started by them, but they must battle their way out anyway.  Some of the special effects are cheesy, but a lot of  it holds up.
2)  The Haunting – Here is a spooky movie that also involves the interaction between ghosts and humans.    The movie is filled with ghostly whispers and eerie knocks and shuffles.   You will feel unnerved and afraid of the dark.  This thriller takes you to a place where you begin to wonder if it is paranormal activity that you are experiencing, or possibly mental instability.  You decide.
3)  The Invisible Man – Yes that old Black and White movie, with Claude Who? His name is Claude Raines, and it is one of the most entertaining movies that you will ever watch, no matter what season of the year.  It explores the human mind in a way that is, at first, laugh out loud hilarious,and then just as uncompromisingly terrifying.  What would you be capable of, if you would never be caught, or even seen.  Anyone who takes the bet on this classic, will be pleasantly satisfied.
4)  What ever happened to Baby Jane – Betty Davis has just the right look in this psychological thriller.  She is the ultimate spoiled brat, and a model of mental illness.  She has over the years become a bitter and revengeful entity.  The horrible part comes next, when she takes her sister prisoner.  Oh! the things you can do to a person when all reason and remorse are gone.
5)  Signs – This nerve wracking story will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Instead of facing down dead creatures, this family is faced with the unknown factors of dealing with creatures from another planet.  They do not come in peace!  Produced in true “Monster Movie” form,  the viewer doesn’t really get a full look at the enemy until the end of the movie.  This actually makes the movie scarier to watch, but keeps its PG rating in tact.  Sometimes your imagination is the scariest thing about a story. 
6)  Duel – Take a man in his car, add an eighteen wheeler, and a lot of deserted road, that doesn’t sound scary does it.  If this sounds boring to you, I want to watch it with you.  This movie will surprise you, it is full of action and some serious road rage.  If someone begins to torment you, with no rhyme or reason, and they are relentless, it is terrifying.
7)   Freaks – This movie is exactly like it’s name, Freaky!!  The setting for this tale is a circus full of freaks and oddities.  The story is a classic, a beautiful person takes advantage of the ugly ones, and they figure it out and exact their revenge.  The story is good, if you can stop looking at the freaks long enough to watch it.  I found myself staring at these freaks and being freaked out.  The actors in the movie are actually misshapen humans, and their appearance may be too much for very young kids.  It is an older movie, in black and white, but the appearance of some of these characters is scarier than any modern movie I have seen.
I wrote this list for a media technology class, and that being the case, I could not leave out my heartfelt recommendation to all  my classmates and anyone interested in actually making a movie for “American Movie”.  This is a documentary of a man who is and has for the last several years been working on his own independent film.  It is a story about a person who doesn’t want to give up on his dreams.  He is a tragic character, surrounded by idiots, enemies, and the closest of friends.  That sounds like a sentimental movie doesn’t it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The comical value of this movie could never be reproduced.  If it were not true life, you would say it could never happen.  Please let me know what you think of this one.  Not scary at all, but there is some language, and wild stories, and partial nudity of a ninety year old man’s fanny.  Must see for all amateur film makers.

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