The Viral Virus, Jamie Goebel

I am embarrassed to see what we call entertainment in today’s society. When something goes viral it leads to laughs, fortune and sometime fame. However, there is a much darker side, which no one is willing to really talk about.

First and foremost is the fact that we have become a society of idiots who will come close to pissing ourselves to see a cat fall off a television while taking a nap. When I think of something going viral I want to see an in-depth hidden cameras in the nuclear planning room in Iran. But no, that it not what the masses desire. We don’t want the news or the truth, we want to see humor or complete human failure.

Have you ever noticed on the local news, they will grab an eyewitness whom in most cases has very few teeth or is the most southern fried redneck they can find. Do you feel this is an accident? NO it is not. Now if the story takes place in an urban area of town the same principle applies, however, they find the most outspoken African American they can find. Such is the case with Antion Dodson ( ) who’s flamboyant rant about someone breaking into his house was put to a music track and went viral. This was a man who was very upset that someone broke into his sister room and crawled in to bed with her that he went off on television. Now, he has a great new weave and is the spokesman for 15 minutes of fame and shame. Now everyone looks for their 15 minutes of fame somehow. I am very sad to say this is more prevalent in urban television and interviews. Don’t believe me? Get a camera, a micro phone and a couple of people who look professional and set up in the middle of the amp theater on the campus of Chattanooga State and see what race of people flock to the camera the most trying to get into the shot. Why is this so????

Unfortunately there is a worse side to the viral problem.  Take for instance the recent rise of Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice. After he went viral he quickly got a job with a major sports team but no one really saw the underlying problem of why he was homeless. He was a drug-addicted alcoholic. So let’s take this man ( make him super famous, give him lots of money and put him in the pressure of Hollywood. So what happens? He drinks a bottle of Grey Goose a night, gets arrested for assault on a family member, then leaves rehab after one week. Who’s fault is this? It is ours. You know why? Cause we watch this stupid shit and share it with our friends. This is not VIRAL…IT IS A SOCIAL VIRUS THAT WE MUST GET A VACCINE FOR>>>


4 responses to “The Viral Virus, Jamie Goebel

  • socialmediastudent

    Very interesting thoughts. Social media has power and we need to use it responsibly.

  • cmwillis

    You raise good points, but you also post a lot of videos from Youtube to Facebook meaning you watch them too. Are you also addicted to the “social virus”? Any plans on breaking the addiction?

  • L Warren

    I know a lot of people watching YouTube videos like the ones you’ve mentioned for entertainment. I watch them and show them to teach. For example, I use the creative mashup of the Antion Dodson parody video to teach copyright and creative commons licensing. It’s creators followed the book and gave credit where it was due. They also asked permissions and documented everything.

  • socialmediastudent

    I really like way you look at this, i always watch stupid videos on youtube and really dont think anything about them, after reading this I will look at these videos in a whole new light.

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