Where is all the 4g? – by Jonathan Crowe

If you have recently bought a 4g device, whether it be a phone, or netbook, or whatever it is and you can not get a 4g signal, you shouldnt be so suprised. Companies like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon wireless are putting alot of hype on these 4g devices, but the truth is there is more marketing than there is technology behind this. From watching all these commercials about the 4g network one would think that you could go out and buy a 4g device, turn it on, and you are automatically operating on the 4g network, this isn’t so true.

Truth is the 4g network is nowhere near nation wide yet. As of right now Sprint offers the most 4g in 70 markets through 17 4g phones and netbooks. AT&T on the other hand is just starting to actually roll out its 4g network and plan to go nation wide with it in mid 2011. Verizon last month stated that it is operating on the network in 38 metropolitan areas.

Although Sprint seems to have a good lead in the 4g race, if you are a Verizon, or AT&T customer you will only be able to use your 4g device to full potential in a few dozen cities this year, even though they promote it like it is live all over the counrty. So in short before you go out and spend 4 or 5 hundred dollars on that new 4g phone, you might want to do some research and see if you can even use it on a 4g network yet.

for more info on 4g check out: http://gcn.com/articles/2011/01/13/what-is-4g.aspx



4 responses to “Where is all the 4g? – by Jonathan Crowe

  • socialmediastudent

    Liked how he shared information that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and had links.

  • Anarchy in the South

    T-Mobile just announced a few days ago that 4-G is here. I wish they could get their 3G working. I couldn’t make phone calls on either phone for an hour today and no email or FB feeds for a week. 4G for T-Mo is actually 3G HSPA+ and will drop down to Edge 2G and will constantly search and wear down batteries….grrrr

  • L Warren

    Good news to have before buying a new service or smartphone. Now here is where #Chattanooga officials should look to add a technology marketing strategy. Make sure the city has the best cell/ smartphone network coverage. Encourage 4G installation, towers.

  • socialmediastudent

    You’re right, they do have us believing that the service is nation wide. I had no idea that it is so limited.
    Tarvie Gilbert

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