Cut Christina a Break, By Andre Hitchcock

So Christina Aguilera performed the opening for Super bowl 45 with a classic rendition of the National Anthem. Well we certainly all know what a powerhouse Christina is. “That girl can Sang” as my mother would say so there’s certainly no denying her talent and artistry. So what’s been all the controversy with her this time? Well, she kind of goofed up while belting out the National anthem in front of nearly 100 million people watching this past Sunday.

Twitter updates and Facebook statues were on a rampage following her performance, but can we cut Christina some slack here. It seems as if we want to see her fall and crumble. Imagine for a second all the pressure and stress she’s going through currently. After all she is going through a lot with that lack luster success of her latest album, her first starring role in a movie flopping at the box office with bad critics, and her pending divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman. I would love to see one of us go out and sing the National Anthem perfectly in front of millions of viewers without slipping up, while your whole world literally failing apart. But we can do it? No! So instead we toss someone in the spotlight with the intent on nit picking on a tiny screw up that really wasn’t that bad as everyone is making it seem to be. Nonetheless she sounded great, so what’s the big deal? What’s a gal to do? She takes one step forward and gets knocked two steps back.

Yea sure she’s a singer and people are lashing out at her thinking, “The National Anthem who messes that up” but in the end aren’t we all human? We all make mistakes right? Duh! We get into car accidents, forget to walk the dog, oh and let’s not forget about burning our toast in the morning. All these things are supposed to happen because guess what, unfortunately were humans! I know sucks it right but it is what it is! The important thing to realize is that no one, not on planet earth at least, is perfect. So it’s perfectly ok for celebrities to screw up. Us, sometimes as fans and supporters of our favorite celebs tend to forget that for some reason.


6 responses to “Cut Christina a Break, By Andre Hitchcock

  • socialmediastudent

    very interesting.

  • L Warren

    Ranting on a celebrity is immature. Ranting on anyone is a sad reflection of the individuals that do it and their culture of origin. Not the best use of social networking.

    Andre, I agree with you. Give the lady a break. People post your support.

  • socialmediastudent

    would have been neat if you linked to her singing the song. Dorothy

  • Dahveenah

    I saw this on CNN yesterday morning, and thought it was funny that they were making such a big deal about this. OH NO, she messed up. Eh, just like Janet and everyone else that has somehow messed up, it’ll just end up on the VH1 Celebrity Top 100 worst moments of their life shows!

  • Bridges To the Words

    Bet she knows every word to every one of HER songs..just sayin’. Did someone just hand her a mic and she wasn’t warned? There is no excuse for accepting such a responsibility and failing when you are a seasoned pro. Period.

  • socialmediastudent

    Yeah, they have been on her pretty bad. With all that’s going on in the world, I feel like… so what she messed up some lyrics. She is still very talented.
    Tarvie Gilbert

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