Campers and Cheaters, by Tarvie Gilbert

I love Call of Duty: Black Ops multi player, and in the very same breath… I hate it. I mean for real, it has great graphics and sound, awesome guns and Ice Cube shouting out tactical lingo. What could be cooler than that? I’m a Team Deathmatch dude, and I’m pretty surgical with a Galil. Very seldom do I finish a game with more deaths than kills.  But what irks me about the game has nothing to do with gameplay, it’s the campers and cheaters playing the game!

Campers suck. They suck majorly. They are always somewhere laying down in the shadows with a motion sensor, or popping out of some spot, weapon up with the drop on you. By the time you see them, it’s too late. All in a split second, you see them and try to aim your gun, they shoot and you’re dead, leaving you thinking, “How the hell did they even find that spot to hide in?! How did they even know players could get over there?!”  If they could really play, they would be out in the fight getting kills. They wouldn’t have to camp and pop out of crazy hiding places only campers know about.  Maybe they think if they get killed on the game, they die in real life? I assure you, you punks won’t die for real. And let me tell you, there is nothing sweeter than respawning and getting a little payback from the camper who thought he was so safe in his little hiding place.

If campers suck majorly, cheaters suck more so than that. On previous editions of Call of Duty, I have heard stories of cheaters hiding in rocks so bullets couldn’t hit them, or the infamous “quick scope”, where a player with a huge sniper rifle could kill you with a quick shot by barely raising his weapon and not even needing to have you in his cross hairs. Now, come on, man. Can you say “cheaters”? Sometimes you play against people and all of a sudden your bullets don’t seem to work anymore. You know you hit that guy ten times and he’s still alive, or he’s killed you. Or you look on the leaderboards and see someone with a ridiculous score and a million to one kill/death ratio, but they have only 30 minutes of total playing time. Again, say it with me… cheaters.

Had it not been for the double xp points being given away this weekend, I may not have ever played the game again. I had sworn it off. I was disgusted and finished with all of the campers and cheaters. I will tell you why.

I was playing on Jungle one day and as I started up the pathway, I saw an opposing player who was controlling his remote control car. For those of you who don’t play, when a player is controlling his car, he switches from controlling a man to controlling the car. The man is left in whatever spot he was in when the player took over control of the car. This is why it’s a good idea to get out your man out of sight before you switch to your car, because your man is left vulnerable to attack. So, as I see this defenseless opposing player, I shoot him at least six times, but he doesn’t die! So, six more times… he still doesn’t die! I try to take him out with my knife and after more than several slashes… he still doesn’t die! WTH!!!!!!! So, I walk behind him, take out my Makarov and empty the clip into the back of his head. Don’t you know, this dude still did not die! It took two more clips before I got the kill! Now, if that’s not cheating, what is?  I was utterly flabbergasted.

All of that to say this… It’s a game. You won’t die for real. Play fair. And if you can’t play without cheating or camping, play Mario or Tetris or something.


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