Working My Way Through Social Media? by Lori Warren

Touring the Information Commons

I’ve been blogging for three years in a hap hazard fashion. I wasn’t raised as a digital native and I didn’t come to Facebook as a college student or teen. Blogging, Virtual Worlds, Tweeting and Facebook started for me as part of a job assignment I took on three years ago almost to the day.

My very forward thinking boss, Vicky Leather and the library dean at Chattanooga State Community College  must have been fresh from an ALA (American Library Association) conference when she wrote the job description for my yet to be invented position.

Mrs. Leather, seeing the future of the digital world and online resource for research, met with the administration requesting the expansion of a section of the library to be known as the Information Commons. She also asked for an additional librarian, one skilled in multimedia and trained to teach computer skills and research methods.

She hired me. My mission, from the day of hire, was to plan and implement her vision of the Information Commons and to research social media, web 2.0 tools, multimedia and virtual worlds. I would also teach technology support to the staff and train student workers.

The student workers’ training would enable them to assist students with navigating the library webpage, working with computers and Office 2007 software and entering Banner (now referred to as TigerWeb).

My position has grown in scope and I have morphed into a cybrarian existing in many digital mediums. It is now time for me to link these dimensions. A class in social media, by Chris Willis, is helping to do this. The students in my class are also providing a wealth of information in this area. If I am successful, you should be able to travel through my social media network and traverse the past three years of my journey by clicking here or any of the above links. Then again, you could just search for me in social media as Lori Warren, Lori Davis Warren or @theloriwarren.

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