A little help goes a long way -Jonthan Crowe

Redemption Point Ministry Center is a branch of Redemption Point Church in Ooltewah, TN. The minisry center started up in early 2007 and it is ran by Mrs. Becky Atkinson. A few months ago the ministry center moved into a building on 4th avenue to be in an environment where they can better reach people in need. The ministry center has a mission statement that says “Reaching people at their point of need” and that is exactly what they do. When you walk into the office that they have it looks similar to a goodwill or some other kind of place that takes clothing donations, the only difference is the price. Where places like goodwill charge a small fee for their items the mistry center gives them away for free. They take up all their donations then they set a date to have a “yard sale” but instead of selling everything they just give it away to people who need it. Aside from giving away clothing and things like that they will also do whatever they can to get you food if you dont have any groceries or cant afford them, if your car is broke down and you cant get to work or get the kids to school, they will try and find a mechanic to fix your car for you at no charge. These are great people doing great things, I encourage and only can hope you will take some time to look into what all they do and maybe even donate to them.


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