The Guy in Charge, by “Dave Childress”

While I was attempting to accomplish my non-profit assignment I was fortunate to find one that I cared enough about to really put some work into it. My very own church has a school supply drive every year which supplies hundreds of local children with school supplies for the entire school year, specifically for the child’s school and grade level.  I immediately went to work trying to locate the guy in charge, who happened to be inexperienced with the particular program but was placed in charge of it for the Fall of 2011.  It took me two weeks to get a returned message, and then another two weeks before we would meet.

When we finally met we had an hour-long meeting which started of great and finished on the highest note.  The guy in charge left with a couple of pages of notes and a promise to send me an email with all of the background information I needed to form my presentation for the elders, as well as advertisement purposes.  I finally ran in to the guy in charge three weeks later at church, where he told me that he had meant to return my calls and send that email.  That was the last time I spoke with him.  I called and left messages for another three weeks before giving up.  I did see him at church two weeks ago, but he ducked out on me, not that I wanted to talk to him.

I worked hard, starting out with a strategy that involved three different ways to donate and local sponsorships and advertising as well as help from other Church of Christ congregations.  I took that strategy with all of those options and whittled away on it until I had what I thought was a great fit of a plan. I honestly think that my plan would have resulted in a significant increase in the effectiveness of the church’s efforts, nothing less than a twelve to fifteen percent increase in the number of students we were able to give school supplies to.  But the guy in charge won’t return my calls.  The elders don’t want to move yet without him, not even to the extent of hearing my proposed strategy.  If the guy in charge would call me, we could be doing the Lords work, but thus far we have done no work.


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