Allied Arts and Holmberg Alumni Assist with the Americans for the Arts Survey by Lori Warren

Peggy Petrey, President of the Holmberg Alumni Committee is overseeing the collection of Surveys for Americans for the Arts & Economic Prosperity Study. Over the last few months and in coming months she will be sending out emails asking Holmberg Alumni and their friends to hand out and to take part in the Arts & Economic Prosperity Study. This survey will be conducted at various art events in the Chattanooga area. Past surveys have taken place at the CSO, the four Bridges Art Festival and the Chattanooga Theatre Center. Future volunteers needed for the survey will also be posted here on the Holmies Facebook page.

In a recent email Peggy thanked the volunteers that have participated thus far…”As we enter the second quarter of the year I’m excited to announce that we surpassed our goal of the first quarter by collecting over 300 surveys, that’s 100 more than our goal! Thank you to those who have already stepped up to take part in the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Study. I hope you’ve not only enjoyed supporting the Arts in Chattanooga, but also meeting new friends and attending some great arts events.”

For those planning to assist with future events, Peggy offers this advice and insight into conducting surveys:

Begin by asking individuals if they would be willing to take a 2 minute survey on behalf of the Americans for the Arts organization. If the person wishes to know more about the survey or group tell them the title of the study is the Arts & Economic Prosperity Study IV and the following information:

  • The study occurs every 5 years and Chattanooga is one of the 200 cities participating in the AEP IV study.
  • Allied Arts is administering the survey on behalf of Americans for the Arts.
  • The purpose of the survey is to gain actual figures relative to audience expenditure in Chattanooga.  (mention local first, then national, seems they can relate quicker)
  • Americans for the Arts will report the findings in both a local and national Economic Impact report in Spring 2012.
  • The report is used to gain support for arts funding at local, state and national levels.
  • The 2005 study showed that the non-profit arts and culture industry had a $166.2 billion economic national impact and created the equivalent of 5.7 million full-time jobs.
  • The survey is strictly anonymous and will be reviewed only by Americans for the Arts, not locally.
  • Only 1 person in each party takes the survey for their group, they must be 18 yrs old.

Peggy and all of those involved in Allied Arts would like to encourage our readers and volunteers to spread the word about the survey. If you or your friends are attending an art event, please take time to approach those conducting the survey and fill it out. Those two minutes mean a lot to the success of our survey efforts. Telling others about the survey before they attend an event will let them know they are helping the community through their participation.

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