Living in Jesus Culture, by Zac Landreth

Have you ever heard of a band that has been able to grab a hold of its audience to the point of making them feel as if they were apart of the group? Jesus Culture is a group of individuals  that have been around for the past decade and have done just that. Since 1999 when the first Jesus Culture conference was held in California, Jesus Culture has been hot on the scene for showing the love and satisfaction of how Jesus Christ is when you allow Him to be apart of your life.  Courtesy of pushed mainly towards the youth of the world, Jesus Culture has reached the hearts of many individuals both young and old. They speak alot about being apart of a “generation” and how each generation has a purpose. Thay want you to love God and serve Him with all that you have. The Lord put within the leaders of Jesus Culture four distinct purposes for their ministry:

1. They would be connected with spiritual fathers and mothers and aligned under their covering.
2. They would be passionately in love with Jesus – encountering His extravagant love for them daily.
3. They would give their lives to prayer and know how to win the war in the heavens.
4. They would walk in the supernatural – demonstrating the Kingdom of God through power. (

On April 10th, Jesus Culture is going to be holding a one night music event at Belmont University in Nashville, Tn.. Tickets are $25 and can be ordered through their website @ I for one have never seen them before and look forward to seeing the impact that they make on not only myself, but to all my fellow brother and sisters in Christ. It isn’t everyday that band speaks to me as much as this one has just by listening to them through their albums.


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