An Introduction

Richard Guerrero I am part of a new generation of Latino students. I am a DREAMer (Immigration activist) and an optimist. My goal as a journalist is to make an impact in my community, my main objective being to cater to the Latino demographic. Watch this space.



Guy with slicked back hairMy name is Andrew Gist and I am an aspiring author. I am originally
from Santa Clarita, CA and have been interested in writing for 7 years and hope to on one day be wring for Surfer Magazine.



Student working on a computer

Hey guys, my name is Tanner and I am a media tech student at Chatt State. I am getting out of my film elements and starting a blog. I hope to get more familiar with journalism and use it towards my film studies.



Zackary Johnson

Zackary Johnson is a Media Technologies student who is interested in collecting cameras, photography, art history, film, and music. He is new to the world of journalism and hopes to bring you fresh and relevant content.





Jessica designing a logoMy name is Jessica Harris and I am a future web designer. I like simple, clean, and fun websites to design. I can design logos for people when they need it. Rights now I’m designing a logo for my uncle’s company called Micro-clean solutions.


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