Grand Theft Auto V, Game Review by Chance Peterson

The Grand Theft Auto franchise began in 1997 and as of the 17th of September, 2013 the series is now on its fifth main installment, Grand Theft Auto V. As usual this game was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, with direction by Dan Houser. The Grand Theft Auto series has received a lot of controversy over the years because of the violence, sexuality, and portrayed illegal activities. GTA V is no exception. This game is definitely not for small children (although I would have had fun playing it).

Grand Theft Auto is a game that utilizes a third-person view, free roam world where you can steal cars, pick up prostitutes, kill pedestrians, and sometimes even help people out. There is a main storyline involving three playable characters: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, each of which has a different specialty. Aside from the main story there are also side missions and mini-games including parachuting, golf, tennis and darts. Most of the main missions mix driving and shooting, but there is surprisingly a lot of variety.

The graphics and HUD in this game are superb although occasionally the textures of the map blur momentarily. This is probably due to the gigantic island that the entire game takes place in called Los Santos, which is heavily based on Los Angeles. The island is huge! I have seen games with better graphics, but considering the size of the map the graphics are incredible.

The Grand Theft Auto games are renowned for their replay value and this game stays true to that aspect. Each mission you complete you can receive a gold, silver or bronze rating based on your performance and after you complete a mission you can always go back and try to do better. The storyline in this game also has the qualities of a big Hollywood movie about criminals.

The reason I bought this game was because of the soundtrack, which includes a lot of exclusive songs from artists of many genres. The way you hear music in the game is on the car radio, which has many different stations based on genres, including witty radio banter and hilarious commercials and news segments. Although the soundtrack was what attracted me to this game, I found that it was actually one of the most fun games I’ve played in years.


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