NCAA Football 2014, Game Review by Fielder Dennis

I’ve followed this series of games ever since 2005, and have enjoyed the majority of them. The origin of the series dates back to 1995 with Bill Walsh College Football. This game evolved into an annual game from 1998 until the most recent year. Though there is a current labor dispute and it seems to be the final of the series these games have been serious fun and entertainment.

These games are clearly intended for the sports lover, or anyone who enjoys competition. The developer for this game was EA Tiburon who has made the most recent games.  I believe the genre would be classified as sports, but there are some traits to solo play or building a character also some have even labeled it as American Football simulation. The goal of the game is to succeed. No matter what form you play either dynasty or Road to Glory, the game is built to help you become a legend of College Football. As the game has developed through the years so has the graphics. The game has gone from simple cuts to absolute acrobatic moves that make it more realistic.

The gameplay and AI make this game great. With people wanting serious competition and realistic features this game shows that the computer can be a threat to your pride. Multiple teams and schemes lead to different tastes of offense and defense, which makes customization vital. With more advanced controls the overall gameplay has become an essential part of playing these games. Personally I feel like they should bring in more teams like the UTC’s and Appalachian State’s like they had in the mid-2000. I also wouldn’t change much about the game but try to fix bugs with the ball phasing through people and simple things like that. Finally I thoroughly enjoyed this game and hope more like are made.


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