The Last Hero Standing, Film Review by David Tolliver

The Dark Knight is an extraordinary film that is action packed from the opening bank robbery scene to the last scene as we see the Dark Knight riding into the light on the Bat Cycle. This movie, which is directed by Christopher Nolan, stars a very amazing cast: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman. This is the second installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy and takes place right in the heart of Gotham.

We start off in downtown Gotham where the Joker and his thugs are robbing a mob owned bank. The Joker sets up each thug to kill one another until just the Joker is left with the money. Batman and Lt. Gordon decided that the only way they were going to bring down the mob was to bring District Attorney Harvey Dent into their plans. The plan goes well as we see the crime is going down and people praising Harvey Dent. So while everyone is praising Harvey Dent, the Batman because criminal himself in the eyes of Gotham. Just as things are looking peaceful for Gotham the Joker kidnaps both Rachel Dawes, who is use to date Bruce Wayne and is now formally dating Harvey Dent, and Harvey Dent. This sends all of Gotham’s police force into a frenzy which in the end ultimately kills Rachel and disfigures Harvey’s face. The Joker uses Harvey rage and turns him against Gotham and Batman must find a way to both stop Harvey Dent and the Joker from causing chaos in the city of Gotham.

The different sets that the film was shot on really made a difference in how the film as a whole looked. Most of the scenes were shot in Chicago except for the scene which Batman had to go Hong Kong. Also the sound effects and sound quality as a whole were excellent in this film and is why the film received an Academy Award for best sound editing.

The acting in this film was absolutely phenomenal. The way Christopher Nolan put together this amazing cast reflects on the film as a whole. Each actor did an exceptional job from Christian Bell as Batman/Bruce Wayne, to Morgan Freeman as Lucas Fox. The actor that really stuck out to me was Heath Ledger. His role as the Joker caught my attention from the moment he first appeared in the opening scenes. The way he brought out the darkness in the Joker character really captivated not only me, but every person who watched this film. In Heath Ledger’s unfortunate death, he still received an Academy Award for best supporting actor.

Overall this movie is a very excellent movie to watch and shows people how quick society goes out of control when the power of Order is tampered with. I have no critics for this movie at all and can boldly say that this film did better than both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises and which is why as of May 2013 it is ranked number six on Internet Movie Databases’ list of top 250 movies of all time. So if you like a movie filled with action from beginning to end and with an outstanding Hero like the Batman then I highly recommend this movie to you.


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