“Beautiful Dead” by Eden Maguire, Book Review by Sophia Efiom

B.Dead Book 1

“Beautiful Dead: Book 1- Jonas” is written by Eden Maguire. This book it the first of a four book series. It’s set in present time; in a very small town. Four teenagers (Jonas, Summer, Arizona, and Phoenix) who attend the same high school all die within the same year from tragic accidents. Phoenix is the last to die and leaves behind a grief-stricken girlfriend (Darina) who is on the verge of losing it.

Darina starts to have terrible headaches and dreams about the four teens who died. One night, one of her dreams led her to the woods where she is reunited with her dead boyfriend and he tells her about the Beautiful Dead. The Beautiful Dead are souls stuck on earth because there was something unjust in their deaths and they cannot rest in peace until they fix it. So Darina helps out Jonas, who was first to die in a terrible motorcycle accident.

The book has two different storylines that work well together. There is a love story which is between Phoenix, who is dead and comes back as a beautiful zombie, and Darina, who is in love with the zombie, but knows after she helps him and the others; will be gone forever. In book one, Darina helps Jonas with his accident and in the other three books she helps Summer, Arizona, and Phoenix, so they can rest in peace.

It’s not and action packed book and it was slow at times but overall it’s a good book and I enjoyed reading it. I would say this book is a toned-down version of Twilight. But instead of vampires, humans, and wolves; it’s with zombies, humans, and ghosts.

I would recommend someone to read this book because it’s interesting. But I would not recommend if you were looking for a story with a moral or hidden meaning. This book is mainly for your entertainment.


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