“Coma” by Robin Cook, Book Review by Natalie Gard


The story line of Coma is an advanced hospital; remember the book was written in the late 1970’s. The hospital was cursed and every few months a person coming in for a non-complicated surgery would never wake up from their anesthesia. The patient would then slip into a coma and then be transferred to an advanced long-term care facility where the patient would be suspended into air and the doctors would remove their organs and sell them on the black market. The doctors sold the organs without the patient’s guardian’s consent. The theme is suspenseful, but very entertaining.

I have never been into the thought of blood and organs and whatnot, but reading it left the imagery to my imagination and it was not so bloody in my head. The book would not have been my first pick, mostly because I am the romantic type, but it really got me interested and left me wanting to read more and more. My mom is a nurse so loves these kinds of stories. I cannot wait to read another one of Robin Cook’s books. And maybe next time a romance. The book did not persuade me to live a different life or differently. I am not sure if there is a certain message because the book is fiction, but if I had to decide one it would be to be very careful with any coma victims I knew.

My mom loves medical mysteries and loved Coma. Coma, which was written in 1977 by Robin Cook, did not catch my interest at first.  I think anyone into figuring out a mystery would be interested in this book. Maybe medical students at Chattanooga State who enjoy mysteries would like this. My mom said this book was one of her favorites and thought I would really enjoy reading it. Although it is kind of long, and I do not normally like reading, this book got my interest.


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