“Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill, Book Review by Larry Sapp Jr.


Think and Grow Rich is a work by Napoleon based on research over a twenty you period of time. The focus of his research was to document the habits and behaviors of the country’s most successful men. He studied their philosophies, techniques and strategies in an attempt to create a guideline or blueprint for success. This blueprint is now called. “Think and Grow Rich.”

I was very impressed with the insight provided by Napoleon Hill. You don’t just read information like this. You really, kind of, study this material.  When reading, I realize that my goals were attainable. There is no such thing as “can’t”. You have to train yourself and create new habits while moving toward your goals. It is all about your state of mind.  This understanding brought a zest, and new-found excitement to me.

Positive, innovative thinking has become an aim for me. When I researched before, during, and after the collection of this information, I realize that the most successful people have always brought a new angle to an already existing product, service or art. The possibilities are endless. We are all different. We think different. Therefore, we can all be just as successful as the next person. The very thing that makes you unique, even when people don’t understand you, is the direction to your development of a new product, service or art that will bring your success. Also, good business and success is built on good rapport and relationships. This is the message I received from this work. Reading from this book has heightened my mentality and encouraged me to observe my experiences a lot differently.

I would recommend everyone to read this book, even people who are already considered successful. I have been reading this to my children. I recommend that students read it because this is not about how you should behave or what career you should choose. This book does not give direction to any class, culture, belief or preference. It is not a guide to financial paradise. This material suggests that you look within yourself to find the most effective things to bring about success, which is what success truly is. Find happiness and comfort with yourself and the money will come.


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