The Heat, Movie Review By Natalie Gard

The Heat was released in 2013, written by Katie Dippold and directed by Paul Feig. The movie stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. It takes place in current times, in Boston. The movie is a thriller and defiantly a comedy!

Sarah Ashburn (Bullock), an uptight FBI agent, trying to earn a promotion, goes to Boston to uncover a drug lord who has committed several murders. She keeps running into and frankly pissing off Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) a cop in Boston. Mullins is a head-strong, rebellious, and foul-mouth officer. The two are forced to partner up to take down Larkin, the drug lord. Their ideas of taking down a perpetrator is on total opposite sides of a spectrum, which is what makes the movie so entertaining. They interview, Tatiana, the drug provider and immigrant from Russia. Ashburn and Mullins play good cop/ bad cop and ends up breaking down a door where Tatiana’s mother is sitting on the toilet. They got a lead on a man, Julian, who is a night club owner and the next guy closest to Larkin. They go to the club to try to get close to Julian and put a bug on his phone. Mullins tries to make Ashburn’s clean cut suit club ready. Ashburn tries to dance her way to Julian. An uptight FBI agent getting down with twenty-one year olds, just hilarious! They succeed and get the bug in Julian’s phone. Mullin’s brother, Jason has just got out of prison for drug selling and Larkin tries to get Jason to work for him. Ashburn wants Jason to work undercover, but being a concerned sister Mullins does not. The two get a little too involved and Ashburn’s boss pulls them from the case. They are very upset and Mullins takes Ashburn to a bar. Ashburn lets loose, after pressure from Mullins. The bar is filled with older gentlemen who love it when the two get totally wasted. The movie continues with other humorous plots but as the two detectives come closer they open up and become as close as sisters. The movie is funny with a heart-felt twist.

Diction is a huge part of the film. Ashburn’s character is a straight shooter and Mullins is the total opposite. Producers had to come up with humorous lines to counter act each character’s personalities.

Another filmmaking aspect is background music. I believe you can make someone feel something more with the right background music. When scenes were sentimental the music was soft and sad. When Ashburn and Mullis were gearing up to fight Larkin the music was hard-core and empowering. It made me feel like I could kick some Larkin tail right along with them.

The movie was so great! I have always loved Sandra Bullock and I am starting too really like Melissa McCarthy as well. The movie was funny, it had action, it had sentimental values that touched my heart, and the movie was all around a great film. It is the kind of movie that I could watch over and over and never get tired of it. I would defiantly recommend The Heat for anyone looking for a laugh.


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