School of Rock, Movie Review by Taylor Templin

Jack Black is known for his courageous humor and his goofy lack of embarrassment on camera. In the film “School of Rock” you can expect nothing less. This musical comedy begins with a hardcore rock band trying to make it big through the battle of the bands. After some over the top guitar solos and some painful stage dives Jack Black character Dewey Finn gets the boot from his band. You would be surprised what action Dewey takes next to earn money for rent.

When Dewey’s roommate Ned Schneebly, played by Mike White, and his controlling girlfriend, played by Sarah Silverman, start hounding Dewey over rent so he starts trying to sell his guitar. He has no luck doing that and then an unexpected opportunity falls in his lap. Low and behold he answers the phone call asking for Ned Schneebly to substitute at a very prestigious elementary school. After inquiring about the jobs pay Dewey pretends to be his roommate and takes his place as a substitute. Of course this plan begins extremely horrible, but as time progresses Dewey and his class of talented students bond and create a class project called the School of Rock. It may all start out as a ploy to get into the battle of the bands but it grows into so much more.

Each actor brought their own style and personality to the film. Anywhere from Joey Gaydos playing Zack Mooneyham to Lucas Badin staring as Spider, each have specific qualities that make this movie what it is. Each character brings the film to life and the interaction between them makes this a very interesting watch.

However, the characters are not the only ones responsible for making this film as remarkable as it is. Many people put in hard work and time behind the camera such as: the set created by Karin Wiesel, Music written by Craig Wedren, and special effects by John Stifanich. Can you believe this isn’t even a fraction of the list?

In conclusion, I found this film extremely entertaining and believe it would be a good watch for any family. The film was rated PG-13 and I agree with the rating, because there is some crude humor throughout the film. I enjoyed the music, the comedy, and the message of the film. Hopefully you will as well!



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