The Alchemist , Book Review by Robert Lawson

There is a universal truth that is not always accepted, but it is a truth nonetheless.  Love is the highest truth.  Love is the ta12guiding force behind all that is good and just in the world.  This truth is illustrated no more powerfully than in the author Paulo Coelho’s novels.  The over-arching theme in every storyline is that love is the single most powerful force in the universe and the only force that can truly make a lasting, permanent impact on the world.  He also teaches us that one must find their own path.  We must take a journey to find where it is we belong, our niche. The abundance of imagery, the oh so relatable characters in each story and his beautiful words all combine to weave a truly immaculate, life-altering, revelatory tale that leaves one inspired and wishing to make an impact on the universe.  This has been my personal experience after reading his novels, at least.

I’ve read his novel, The Alchemist, several times and have learned something new about myself every time.  Coelho has a way of making us realize our own potential, allowing us to see in ourselves how truly powerful we are, this human animal.  He has forced me to see the potential and beauty in myself and in others. He has taught me to love not only the person I am, but the person I will someday become.  Every one of us must go on our journey; we must find our own path and this path we must follow.  This incredible journey, this path, is not a straight path by any means, no. It is the most treacherous, tempestuous and dangerous path one will ever tread.  But it is imperative that we stay the course because it is OUR path. Only you can determine what this path will be; we are the only ones truly and irrevocably in control of our destiny. We have the power within us to chart our own map.

Coelho is a philosopher, the last of a dying breed of thinkers.  His books have inspired millions worldwide to take hold of their lives, myself included, and will continue to do so for years to come.  With each new word he lays to the page, he brings our future closer and closer within our grasp.


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